Camp Meenahga

Alice Clark

Alice Orr Clark

In 1915, two St. Louis women named Alice Orr Clark and Francis “Kidy” Woodward Mabley hatched a plan to open a girls’ camp in Door County.  The women selected a site in Peninsula State Park, an abandoned farm on Shore Road that provided the perfect location for the camp.  Several existing buildings were easily converted; the barn became the “One-Hundred-Foot Lodge,” with a recreation area, kitchen, and dining room, and several cow sheds were converted to cold storage buildings.  With the arrival of a five-seater outhouse, the construction of wooden platforms for tents, and the addition of a diving raft and clay tennis court, the camp was ready to open. Read More

Two Roads Diverged

2016 is an important year in park history.  Nationally, it marks the centennial of the National Park Service.  On a local level, it’s the 100th anniversary of Camp Meenahga’s founding in Peninsula State Park.  In recognition of these two anniversaries, this year’s Anderson Barn Museum exhibit is Two Roads Diverged: Camp Meenahga and Camp Peninsular in Peninsula State Park.

Tents at Camp Meenahga

Tents at Camp Meenahga

For over 100 years, Peninsula State Park has been a destination for locals and tourists alike. With its beautiful views of Green Bay and the surrounding villages, the park continues to draw thousands of visitors each year. Read More

Edgar Goodlet, One of Ephraim’s Dearly Departed

Leif Erickson portraying Edgar Goodlet on the Dearly Departed Cemetery Walk, September 14, 2015.

Leif Erickson portraying Edgar Goodlet on the Dearly Departed Cemetery Walk, September 14, 2015.

On September 14, 2015, the Ephraim Moravian Church and the Ephraim Historical Foundation co-presented the annual Dearly Departed Cemetery Walk.  We were lucky to have a beautiful Ephraim Day, and all our guests seemed to enjoy their trip through the early history of Ephraim, as reported through the eyes of long-ago residents.

Most of the personalities who were portrayed were from Ephraim’s earliest history. The most recent personality who was depicted this year passed away in 1970, so if you are 50 years old, or less, you probably don’t remember one of Ephraim’s colorful old-timers. His name was Edgar Goodlet, and his life was quite interesting.

Edgar was born in 1884, the son of Cornelius and Hedvig Goodletson, the third oldest of TEN children!  His last name was Goodletson at birth, but as the years passed, the family dropped the last syllable, probably to make it easier to spell and pronounce. Read More

Annual Cemetery Walk

The 2014 Cemetery Walk

The 2014 Cemetery Walk

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to hear someone talk to you who lived on this earth 50 to 100 to 150 years ago?

If you come to the Ephraim Moravian Cemetery on September 14, you will have the opportunity to do just that. Read More

The Duchess and Ephraim

Envelope from the EHF collection

Envelope from the EHF collection

In the collection of the Ephraim Historical Foundation is a nondescript envelope that is battered, taped, and has yellowed with age. Addressed to Miss Lizzie Anderson, Ephraim, Wisconsin, the envelope has no street address and is stamped Baltimore, M.D. Oct 19, 2 AM 1916. Read More

Would You Have the Courage to be a Pioneer?

Most of us have moved from one location to another in our lifetime some of us numerous times, sometimes by personal choiPicture1ce, sometimes because of business relocation. How do you go about selecting your new location and your new home? Perhaps your first step is choosing a realtor, and then discovering which part of your new town is best suited to your needs. Next you’ll learn about roads, transportation systems, the best school districts, where will you find grocery stores, other shopping, libraries, restaurants, museums, all the things we want to know about a new place to live. Read More

Fyr Bal Festival

IMG_4187If you have spoken to people in Door County recently, you know that spring was a long time coming this year! Now that it has finally arrived, with all its sunny weather and beautiful blossoms, everyone is anxiously waiting for the first day of SUMMER. The calendar tells us the big day will be June 21. That means that Ephraim’s early summer festival, FYR BAL, is fast approaching. It will occur on June 20th, the day before Father’s Day. Read More

Ephraim Culture Day

Visitors at the Iverson House

Visitors at the Iverson House

A wonderful day will occur on June 19, and we hope you will tell all your friends about it.  It is EPHRAIM CULTURE DAY!

This year, we’ve joined with Bethany Lutheran Church, Ephraim Moravian Church, Ephraim Firehouse Museum, and The Hardy Gallery for a day of history and heritage.  This is one day before Ephraim’s 51st annual Fyr Bal Festival.  Click here to learn more. Read More

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