Founded in 1853 by a group of Norwegian Moravians, both the Scandinavian and the Moravian roots are still evident in this Door County village today. The Ephraim Historical Foundation, founded in 1949, tells the stories of this unique community.

Museums are unique places where time has frozen and preserved the imprints of old culture, way of life and traditions. Millions of tourists willingly visit various museums every year to touch the past and learn more about the life of the past. Museums often have an extensive collection of artifacts, but only 15% of the entire collection is shown to visitors. To replenish collections and see their artifacts in the exhibition, many people share their belongings with museums. Most often, this happens voluntarily for no cost, and many senders prefer not to reveal their identity. You can easily use a fake ID for this purpose , so that museum staff do not know for sure who the artifact came from.