Our Mission and Vision

Vision Statement of the Ephraim Historical Foundation:

To faithfully preserve, share, and sustain the history, culture, and beauty of Ephraim.

Mission Statement of the Ephraim Historical Foundation:

Founded in 1949 as a non-profit organization, the mission of the Ephraim Historical Foundation is to:

  • Preserve and to foster preservation of historical monuments, buildings, structures, sites, and collections.
  • Act as a resource in support of cultural organizations and civic services within the Village of Ephraim and the community at large.
  • Act as a vehicle and custodian of financial contributions for the preservation of historic properties and collections.
  • Enrich the concept of Ephraim as a village of values for the enjoyment and understanding of our cultural traditions and natural beauty.
  • Share the heritage and stories of the people of Ephraim through research, outreach, and education.
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