Archives and Collections


What is it?

The Archives and Collections at the Ephraim Historical Foundation are the historic documents
and objects we care for, make available for research, and utilize in developing exhibitions and
programs. They have been donated to us and are now cared for with strict adherence to
museum best practices.

What can be found in the Archives and Collections?

The Ephraim Historical foundation has thousands of documents, photographs, works of art and
objects related to the history of the village of Ephraim.

This includes;
– Letters
– County and federal records
– Business records
– Postcards
– Advertisements
– Garments
– Prints
– Drawings
– Paintings
– Sculpture
– Jewelry
– Furniture
– Ceramics
– Household items
– And much more

How does the Archives and Collections grow?

From the generosity of the community and people like you! The EHF does not purchase items
and has built its collection through donations from individuals, families, and organizations. If
you are interested in donating an item to our collection, please reach out to our Curator by
email ( or phone.

Can I see documents and objects that are not on display?

Yes! We make our Archives and Collections available for research by appointment. Whether
you are interested in genealogy, business history, church history, or anything in between, you
can make an appointment to view pieces from the collection by contacting our Curator.

Where can I learn more about the Archives and Collections?

If you want to know more about what we collect, why we collect, the procedures for donating,
and how we use our collection please request a copy of our Collections Management Policies and