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Photograph of Anderson Dock and Warehouse from the Clemensen family digital donation.

Donations to the Ephraim Historical Foundation’s collections and archives come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are large 3D objects, while others are a few postcards or photographs.  One type of donation that may not be as familiar is called a digital donation.

Digital donations are a wonderful way to preserve family or local history without giving up physical control of the items.  For some individuals, it’s not preferable or possible to donate a cherished family photo album or letters between family members.  These items might be left to relatives or kept in personal archives.  However, digital donations allow the EHF to have scanned copies of these items to use in exhibits, share with researchers, or use in blog posts.

How do digital donations work?  Sometimes, we are contacted by individuals who are scanning family photographs and are willing to share these files and relevant information about the images with the EHF.  Other times, individuals contact the EHF and would like to make digital donations, but are unable to do the scanning themselves.  We can help with that, and the EHF’s Svalhus Research Library is the perfect place to scan these digital donations.

Image from the Kaftan family digital donation of the Green Bay Sewing Club’s 1911 visit to Fish Creek and Ephraim.  The group is standing in front of the Anderson Hotel in Ephraim.

As I type this blog post, I’m in the midst of cataloging a digital donation of hundreds of photographs related to the Clemensen family in Ephraim.  Last month, we received a digital donation of 61 photographs from the Green Bay Sewing Club’s 1911 visit to Fish Creek and Ephraim.  Digital donations allow us to preserve and share pieces of history that might not otherwise become part of the EHF’s collection.

Interested in learning more?  Click here to contact us, or stop in at the Svalhus Research Library, Wednesdays-Fridays from 11am-2pm through October 12.

-Guest Blogger Emily Irwin

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