EHF Member Sherry Moore reviews Ephraim Stories by Paul and Frances Burton

The extraordinary beauty of Ephraim brought us here 10 years ago. At that time I had so many questions about the village, its history, and its people. How did Ephraim become a tourist destination? Why is there a memorial pole on the golf course? Why is it called German Road, not Norwegian Road? I didn’t yet know about the Ephraim Historical Foundation, and I knew only a few people, so where would I find the answers to all my questions?

While browsing the Anderson Store one day, I discovered Ephraim Stories. What a delightful find! The book is laid out in two sections: Places and People. I was about to find the answers to all my questions! I was fascinated to read about the German Settlement, Chief Kaquados’ burial in Peninsula State Park, and that stovewood construction is found here in Ephraim’s German Settlement and in virtually no other state but Wisconsin!

“If Ephraim is a special place, it’s the people of the village who make it so.”

My biggest question was how our little village became the home of so many distinguished hotels. The book tells the fascinating story of each Ephraim hotel. We learn the history of each innkeeper and of their foresight, hard work, and hospitality. The histories of these extraordinary families are both fascinating and inspirational.

The book also includes detailed biographies of special residents who helped to make Ephraim the village we know today. An entire chapter is devoted to architect William Bernhard, most well known for designing our Ephraim Village Hall. And, of course, there are recipes from several of our favorite hotels!

The beautiful sky, water, forests, and bluffs brought us here to our charming village, but its rich history and wonderful people are what delights us each day and inspires us to protect and preserve our beautiful village. The stories in this book will fill you with pride for those who came before us.

Contributed by EHF member Sherry Moore. EPHRAIM STORIES is out-of-print but a very limited number of copies are available through the EHF for $19.99. Click here to purchase a copy.

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  1. I urge the current board or the administration of the EHF to approach the Burton family about acquiring the rights to reprint this fabulous book. I used the information it contained to prepare for my job as a docent for the foundation (my most favorite retirement job ever!). So well-written and informative! It would be such a wonderful thing to have this book available for wide-spread purchase again. I hope that somehow this can be made to happen.

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