Ephraim WOW: Fourth Grade-Virtual Traveling Trunk #1

Horseshoe.OleLarsen.MapActivityHello Virtual Visitors!
We are so happy that you are here.
Below you will find links to lessons created for Grade 4. You can watch the entire video for the lesson by clicking Video 1 or Video 2. There are pauses built in to the videos. OR you can break the lessons into small parts by clicking on the individual videos within the lesson plan below.

PART I (4th Grade Teaching Trunk #1)
Early Door County Virtual Program Full Video

How Door County Bluffs Formed
A. Bluff Walk – Sedimentary Rock – Fossils About 6 minutes – ends at 5:58
B. Niagara Escarpment – Map Skills About 3 minutes – ends at 9:22
C. Chief Simon and Wisconsin Potawatomi About 6 minutes – ends at 15:56

Pictographs About 10 minutes – ends at 27:01
A. What is a pictograph?
B. Pictograph Art Project, with Directions
C. Pictograph Symbols
D. Pictograph Shield Template

Early Ephraim Virtual Program Full Video
Ole Larsen’s Journey Video and Powerpoint

A. The Journey – Map Skills About 7 minutes – ends at 7:12
B. Erie Canal Lyrics PDF – Singing Together About 5 minutes – ends at 12:37
C. Ole Larsen’s Journey Continues About 5 minutes – ends at 14:57
D. Niles Weborg Portrays Ole Larsen About 5 minutes – ends at 19:30

II. Horseshoe.OleLarsen.MapActivity, with Video Directions About 3 minutes – ends at 22:47

Virtual Field Trip: Goodletson Cabin
Students see the Goodletson log cabin, built in 1855, that once stood on Horsehoe Island. Inside, tools and household items reveal the way Ephraim settlers lived, worked and survived. About 10 minutes.
Stencil Activity Video

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  1. Excellent presentation Kathleen! Great learning about our rock ledges and fossils. Photography was wonderful.

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