Ephraim WOW-Kindergarten Traveling Trunk

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Below are links to lessons created for Kindergarten. The lessons may be suitable for younger or older students as well. Lessons may have supplemental activities than can be downloaded and printed from your home computer.


Students compare and contrast how children experienced winter long ago (circa 1880 – 1940) versus today. Virtual lessons feature historic photos and winter objects from the Ephraim Historical Foundation’s collections. Clicking on blue type will link you to the virtual lessons and activities.

Part I: Winter Then and Now: Winter Fun and How We Got Around Length, 10:29

Download “Winter Then & Now Look” booklet by clicking here. Compare and contrast winter activities children enjoyed long ago to now. See historic Door County photos of winter sports and old-time winter transportation.

Part II: Winter Then and Now: Valentine’s Day  Length, 3:54

Part III: Winter Then and Now: Animal Tracks Total length of this two-part lesson, 17:50

Download the video “Winter Then and Now: Animal Tracks” by clicking here.

  1. The first part of this lesson shows real Door County animal tracks near Ephraim’s Pioneer Schoolhouse. Video length, 6:13.
  2. Students can dive deeper in the second part of the virtual lesson if they watch  “More Fun with Tracks”. They will meet Fawn, a friendly deer puppet, and hear about an Ephraim artist who created a woodcut/drawing of deer. EHF’s Educator also describes two optional activities. Video length, 11:47.

What are the two activity options for “Winter Then and Now: Animal Tracks”?

The first activity is a track booklet. Click here to download and print My Winter Track Look Book. Tracks and images in the booklet reinforce what children see in the tracks video.

The second activity is a winter animal spinner which includes names of several common animals, like “deer.”  Download and print the spinner by clicking on the Winter Animal Spinner Big Circle and on the Winter Animal Spinner Small Circle (there are two pages). Students will need a fastener (brad) or paperclip to make the spinner, as well as a child-safe scissors. Crayons and markers are optional.

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