History Mysteries

EHF staff are looking for sleuths! Can you identify people and places pictured on these images,  found in a large box of loose, unidentified photographs? Give it a try by channeling your inner Sherlock, grabbing a “deerstalker” cap and magnifying glass, and remembering the words of mystery writer Agatha Christie: “Unless you’re good at guessing, it is not much use being a detective.”

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MYSTERY PHOTO #1 What Ephraim street cuts through the middle of this photo? Can anyone identify buildings?






MYSTERY PHOTO #2 & 3 Where were these photos likely taken? How do you know? Can anyone identify the gentlemen?






MYSTERY PHOTO #4 How can you tell this photo was taken in Ephraim? Who might these people be? What are they doing?






MYSTERY PHOTO #5 & 6 It’s possible these two photos were taken in Ephraim at the same local hotel. Does anyone recognize the rock wall, the stone staircase, or the uniforms? Who might these people be?









MYSTERY PHOTO #7 The box of “mystery photos” includes many photo portraits. This one caught the eye of EHF staff. Do you recognize this young woman?


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  1. Photo #1
    I’m looking at an 1899 plat map of Gibraltar. Based on this map, I think the road directly in front is Cherry Street. The house on the left side would be where the Hillside Hotel now stands. The dock directly ahead would be South Shore Pier. In the background there’s a store (with a flag flying) that shows up on the map between the main road and the bay. To the left of that store the map shows a “planing mill”. Other buildings are shown on the map but there’s no room to ID any other buildings shown in this photo. However, the map does identify the Moravian and Lutheran churches, the Moravian cemetery, the school house, cheese factory, and blacksmith.

    link to 1899 Plat

  2. Blog Editor is posting an email received 1/18/21 from Sandy Van Sickle (paraphrased):
    Mystery Photo #1: The first picture is Cherry St, looking down from Moravia St. I think the building on the right is the Wilson’s homestead?
    Myster Photo #6: Taken at the Anderson Hotel, the steps are located behind Anderson Condominiums. My grandparents owned the hotel and I must have a hundred pictures taken at that exact location. Fun to see!
    THANKS SANDY! Great sleuthing! Anyone have guesses as to dates of photos, or other information?

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