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Job summary: The Curator is responsible for the care and development of the EHF archives and collections. The Curator functions simultaneously as Curator, Registrar, Collection Manager, Conservator, and Exhibit Coordinator for the Ephraim Historical Foundation. A key component of this position is making the history housed in our archives accessible to EHF members, the local community, the local schools, and to the general public. This is done through exhibits, educational programs and workshops, articles, publications, collections/archives management, and the Curator being available to meet with visitors, researchers, members, etc. to provide insights and guidance in Ephraim’s history and the EHF’s collection. The Curator works with the Executive Director to continue to guide and maintain the academic direction of the EHF and its collections. As is true for all non-profits, the curator will take on additional duties and responsibilities beyond those outlined below as the Foundation’s mission and operations requires and as the EHF Executive Director instructs.

Full-time position. Hours, including night and weekends, are as needed during the season (April – September)
Salaried position – compensation and benefits determined by EHF Personnel Committee and approved by EHF Board $38,000-$45,000
Reports to the Executive Director
For a full job description, click here: Curator Job Description- Final
Key Responsibilities:
• Developing the academic/scholarly direction of the EHF and adhering to the EHF Curatorial Plan
• Coordinating with the Archives Committee in regards to collections/archives policies, accessions/deaccessions, loans (in-coming and out-going), temporary custody, research projects, and exhibitions
• Developing curatorial policies and procedures and ensuring they are aligned with professional museum standards.
• Work with Outreach Director to expand outreach by communicating the contents and importance of these collections and the professional museum standards of the EHF to the EHF membership and the community
• National Registry Application of the Iverson House (in coordination with the Executive Director and Director of Operations)
• Training and managing volunteers to work in the archives
• Historic markers throughout the village (Long-Range Plan Project)
• Develop EHF presence in publications, such as The Pulse, The Advocate, and regional periodicals (e.g. write a history column for The Pulse, etc.)
• Provide archival/collection materials and information for fundraising, marketing, and membership needs
• Review and oversee related budgets.
• Collects, develops exhibitions, catalogs, and writes content
• Developing the contents of the EHF’s Collections and Archives alongside the Archives Committee
• Conducting research for the development of the collection, exhibits, publication, the programs, public, members, and other organizations.
• E.g. – Provide content and support in the further development of the Teaching Trunk Program and related Teaching Collection.
• Conducting original research to further develop the archives and our knowledge of Ephraim’s culture and history.
• Coordinate access to the collections and archives
Collection Management:
• Oversee the physical care, storage, and movement of collections and archives.
• Managing and monitoring the care and organization of the EHF Collections and Archives
• Ensuring the Archives and Collections are safely and securely stored
• Ensuring the humidity and temperatures are within an appropriate range and coordinating with Director of Operations as needed to address issues
• Managing the PastPerfect Database and ongoing cataloguing of the EHF collections
• Create rotating exhibits, particularly in the Anderson Barn.
• Research and develop exhibit content, coordinate installation, and provide content for any advertising related to new exhibits
• Create online exhibits and resources for educators
• Create online programs to keep membership engaged in historic conversations
• Create content for a walking tour/app/cell phone tour
• Give presentations on new findings and artifacts
• Monitoring the interpretations of the EHF buildings
• With the Archives Committee, conduct regular reviews of permanent exhibits and update as needed.
• Developing research projects that engage members and the public with the Archives
• Organizing, cataloguing, labeling, photographing, scanning and safely storing documents, photographs, and books in Ephraim Historical Foundation’s collections, both those currently on display and in storage
• Conservation:
• Monitor and review artifacts in need of conservation and consider cost – is this work that can be done locally or does it need to be sent out?
• Oversee and coordinate spring and fall cleaning of exhibits and museums with Director of Operations
Svalhus Research Library:
• Staff library during open hours to help visitors and members
• Train volunteers (and potential interns?) to also staff library
• Maintain Library organization and cleaning
• Re-establish and develop new on-ongoing research and documentation projects:
• Roots of Our Village Genealogical Project
• Oral Histories
• Develop attainable goals related to collecting oral histories (e.g. identifiable groups – EHF Past Presidents, memories of Ephraim mid-20th century, etc.)
• Engage Volunteers to help with recording and transcribing
• Utilize oral histories and find ways to incorporate them into exhibits, publications, etc. and allow research access.
• Review and develop formal EHF publications (with the Publications Committee)
• Create publications related to current exhibits, where applicable
• Coordinate with the Outreach Director for distribution and promotion of books as needed.
• Fundraising:
• Assist, as needed, in the annual Summer Social Benefit and other events
• Grant writing as needed

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