Ephraim Historical Foundation List of Outstanding Needs. 

Contact us at (920) 854-9688 or email info@ephraim.org for more information.

Category Description
Archives Wheeled shelving for hanging garments in the ARC basement
Archives Wheeled shelving for Vault
Archives Wheeled shelving for Teaching Collection
Archives Wheeled shelving for garment boxes
Archives Wheeled shelving for Archives Room
Exhibits Surface touchscreen to upgrade interactive video exhibit
General Operations Computers – at some point, the EHF will need to review its in-house network, hardware, and software.  The EHF is operating with Windows 7 and Office 2010.
General Operations 2 working tablets to process credit cards
General Operations Larger Digital Back-up
General Operations New chairs for Anderson Barn
Marketing External bulletin boards for ARC and Svalhus – a means to display marketing materials and information to visitors.  Must be weather-proof
Exhibits External information board at Iverson
Programs Wheeled shelving for Programs
Properties Signage for all EHF Properties – goal is to provide consistent signage that is in line with the Village aesthetic, while clearly identifying the EHF properties as 1) belonging to the EHF and 2) identify them as museums (this would be for ALL EHF properties/museums).
Properties Irrigation at the Pioneer School and Iverson – we are putting in landscaping and to properly care for the landscaping, we need to provide adequate watering.
Properties Water source at the Olga Dana Green – a point well?
Properties Replacement French Doors at the Anderson Barn
Properties Vents in the Anderson Barn – to control heat in the hayloft
Properties Iverson House Driveway
Properties Permeable Parking Lot at the ARC
Properties Dusk-to-dawn light for ARC parking lot
Tours Large tablet for tours with case
Tours Audio speaker system for tours
Tram Tram
Tram Tram Summer Storage