Carl Nelson’s Diary



In 1906, Carl Nelson wrote a diary of how he arrived in the United States and finally in Ephraim, Wisconsin with his wife Stina in 1856. Included in his diary are stories on the difficulties they experienced to survive in those early years, and finally, he also included an excellent description of his service as a private in the Wisconsin Norwegian Regiment during the Civil War.

Carl Nelson was a farmer. He farmed 40 acres in Ephraim; however he was also a printer. A copy of his printed diary, along with printed church pamphlets, was found in the attic of the original farmhouse in 1995 by his great-grandson, Don Nelson. Everything was printed in Norwegian, and therefore, with the help of Dorothy Halvorson, his diary was translated into English.

With the printing of this booklet, it is the hope that these stories in Carl Nelson’s diary, and the lesson that come with them, will never fade away.


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