Half a Century with the Ephraim Foundation by Goodwin Berquist



Ephraim.? Two steeples, white frame buildings, a red warehouse on the end of a dock, with spectacular sunsets across the water.  Timeless and irreplaceable.? This is the story of the Ephraim Foundation (now the Ephraim Historical Foundation) past and present, and its pledge to protect and preserve the remarkable heritage of this unique village.

In 1949, springing from a heartfelt commitment to save a simple frame one-room school whose prime had passed, the Ephraim Historical Foundation began.  From the seed of that commitment has sprung much of what defines Ephraim today.? The Village historic district, numerous buildings on the National Historic Register, and five operating museum buildings attest to the steadfast covenant the Foundation has maintained with the community to safeguard its singular heritage.

As protector of this legacy, the Ephraim Historical Foundation is proud to have played a part in the development and preservation of community landmarks and traditions.

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