Some Women of Early Ephraim by Paul Burton & Thea Sophia Thompson



For the Ephraim Historical Foundation’s 2011 exhibit, Garments of Our Foundation, we were given the task of selecting ten influential women from Ephraim’s early history to be displayed in the exhibit.  With much deliberation, we selected and researched ten women.  To tell the stories of their lives, Paul Burton created a first-person narrative for each woman.  We decided to use the first-person narrative format because it allowed us to give these women a voice to tell their stories.  Of course, some liberties were taken to give more dimension, flavor, and personality to the narratives. The history, however, is true.

While researching the women for this exhibit, we came to the startling realization that, even though women have been vital contributors to the village of Ephraim since its founding, there has never been a book dedicated to them and their lives.   Previous works on the history of Ephraim always have placed women within the context of men.  But women have occupied prominent positions as settlers, teachers, shop owners, and hotel managers. They helped carve a town from the wilderness and were instrumental in the creation of Ephraim as a tourist destination.  All the while, they were having children, cooking wonderful meals, and taking care of their families.  These women deserve acknowledgment for their roles in creating Ephraim’s history and identity.  This booklet tells their stories.


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