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Welcome to the Ephraim Historical Foundation’s brand new blog. We thought it would be fun to publish little snippets of information every so often to keep you abreast of upcoming pleasures, events, and happenings, and to remind you of stories from Ephraim’s past. There is so much history in our little village, and since we …

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150th Anniversary of Nation’s Deadliest Fire in 2021

Fires in America’s West have been in the news. Dramatic footage of homes reduced to ash heaps and vacant-eyed, stunned survivors fill our media. The degree of devastation has been great. Even so, this nation’s deadliest blaze occurred right here in Wisconsin, 149 years ago. The Peshtigo Fire, which happened on the exact same day …

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Matilda “Tillie” Fobian Valentine Anderson’s Brown Cookie Recipe

What ingredient in Tillie Valentine’s recipe for “Brown Cookies”, found on page 300 of the EHF’s classic cookbook Amazing Grazing (2003), marks it as classic Scandinavian? If you answered “cardamom” you’re right! Cardamom, a zesty spice related botanically to ginger, allegedly arrived in Germany about 1,000 years ago thanks to the Moors, a Muslim population …

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The Goodletson Cabin

The Goodletson Cabin Museum is located next to the Pioneer Schoolhouse just north of the intersection of County Q and Moravia Street.  Map The Goodletson Cabin was built approximately in 1855 on Eagle Island (now Horseshoe Island) by Norwegian immigrant Thomas Goodletson and his family. It was skidded across the ice in the 1860s to …

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The Iverson House

The Iverson House was built in 1853 by Rev. Andreas Iverson and members of his Moravian congregation, who were responsible for the founding of Ephraim.  After Iverson left Ephraim in 1864, the house served as a home for Moravian pastors J.J. Groenfeldt and Anders Petterson. The Iverson House was purchased by the Ephraim Historical Foundation …

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