The Foldas: A History in Photographs

Today, Horseshoe Island, located in Green Bay off the shores of Ephraim, Wisconsin, is mostly tree-covered and uninhabited.  Part of nearby Peninsula State Park, the island’s harbor remains a popular summer spot for boating and swimming.  It’s hard to imagine that one hundred years ago, this island was home to a grand estate, including a main lodge, a variety of outbuildings, and boats to carry guests to and from the property.  One of the owners of this estate (named Engelmar) was Engelbert (E.F.) Folda, a wealthy Nebraska banker who spent his summers in Door County with his wife, Alma, and two children, Marcelle and Engelbert, Jr. (Bert), for twenty-five years. 

This exhibit features a series of photographs of the Foldas and their lives, both in Nebraska and on Horseshoe Island.  For more information on the history of the Foldas, please see Stanford H. Sholem’s book, Horseshoe Island: The Folda Years, which is an invaluable resource on the history of the Folda family.  Thank you to Ina Roessler for her assistance with the creation of this exhibit and to JoAnne Rankin for proofreading and editing the exhibit text.  

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Horseshoe Island postcard (1993.204.0008)
Without residents, Engelmar fell into disrepair. E.F. and Alma attempted to find someone to lease Horseshoe Island for the remainder of their lives, but in the end, the State of Wisconsin purchased the rights from Alma for $850 in July 1944, a few months after E.F's death. Engelmar was demolished, and today, only a few remnants, including an ice house and the relocated guest cottage, remain.
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