EHF Timeline


  • Ephraim Foundation is established to preserve the Pioneer Schoolhouse.  Helen Sohns and Warren Davis are the founders.
  • Foundation helps fund the purchase and repair of the Anderson Dock together with the Village of Ephraim


  • Foundation is given a long-term lease for Anderson Store by the Village
  • Adlai Hardin carves a new memorial pole in the Anderson Store for Peninsula State Park


  • The Olga Dana Green and Goodletson Cabin are donated to the Foundation


  • Foundation and Village hire Researcher Claudette Steger to perform an historical survey
  • Historic properties are entered on the National Register
  • Foundation acquires the Smith property, later sold to the Village for Information Center
  • Foundation is awarded the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Achievement Award
  • Foundation acquires the historic 1880s Anderson Barn


  • Anderson Barn Museum restoration is completed and opens to the public
  • Foundation publishes Wiley’s Did the Eagle Get You, Dr. Moss?
  • Bring Your Own Chair (later, History Speaks) lecture series is established
  • Walking Tours of the village are initiated
  • First annual Gibraltar 3rd Graders Tour
  • Sally Jacobson is hired as Foundation’s first curator/archivist
  • First Summer Social is launched to fund the newly established Heritage Endowment Fund
  • Sunday SingAlongs are reintroduced by George and Armella Norton
  • The Door County Letters of Anna and Anders Petterson and Horseshoe Island, The Folda Years are published
  • Foundation develops annual children’s event Children’s Day
  • Historic Svalhus is donated to the Foundation and is reconstructed on Anderson Barn museum grounds with the help of donors
  • Foundation initiates Door County Historical Resource Association to include all Door County historical societies
  • Foundation initiates the Partnership Committee, which includes the Village Administrator and the non-profits of Ephraim, as a means to encourage collaboration and communication


  • Foundation acquires and endows the Anderson Store with funds from an anonymous donor
  • Foundation spearheads the celebration of Ephraim’s Sesquicentennial and publishes Half a Century with the Ephraim Foundation
  • Amazing Grazing cookbook is published
  • Name is changed to The Ephraim Historical Foundation, Inc. to reflect its mission and focus
  • Historic Iverson House is acquired and restored through a major fundraising effort
  • Foundation collaborates to publish Ephraim, one of the Images of America book series
  • ARC (Archival Resource Center) is completed and opened to the public with donated funding
  • Child’s Play program is launched


  • Foundation’s first tram is purchased with donated funds and tram tours are initiated
  • Foundation signs easement agreement to protect Bethany Lutheran Church historic properties
  • Foundation becomes the depository for the safe keeping of Bethany Church, EYC, and Peninsula State Park records
  • Dr. Thea Thompson is hired as professional archivist/curator and executive director
  • Foundation is involved with the review of the Door County Historical Resource Association and the organization is re-launched as the Heritage Alliance of Door County.
  • Foundation reprints Ephraim’s Founding Father and The Door County Letters of Anna and Anders Petterson
  • EHF Teaching Trunk programs are launched with Gibraltar Schools
  • Foundation introduces new children’s program, Children’s Encounter with History
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